Tunchel Sustainable

Development center

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Generally  in Mongolia, there is not enough official budget either people in Mongolia in the field of countryside in Mongolia. We encourage  you and youth to bring their hand to learn of joy of sharing your time & ability to a needy places. We are team of people who like to be a bridge to connect you officially  to be a volunteers for short and long term.


Work Shop

  1. Our workshops designed to be in the field with locals to learn in the field in many areas such as make a dairy products, learn to make crafts, collect a berries & make a jam, build a green house etc.

Open Project

  1. Hand Crafts: Team design products according for a spirituality from a different source based on Eternal Blue Sky philosophy & nomads by using a natural material from Mongolia such as a felt, rock, wood, metal etc.  Big part of the sales income supports our upcoming projects ( link for a project)  for a Tunchel community.

Activity Calendar

"It was the happiest day of my life and you made it possible.
Thank you!"