Open Project


Tunchel locates only 3 hours of train ride from capital Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia along a trans Mongolian railway. We have a property where you can stay like a home with a other volunteers & visitors all year around to make a friend, bring your skills to a locals in Tunchel.

Also, we sit up another house for Tunchel locals to learn & hang out for good reasons instead of sitting in home.Tunchel is also very rich in natural resources and part of Siberian forest. This make most locals live on their living on collecting nuts & fruits, cutting a trees & dig out natural gold in the area. Because of such a hard work & often bring a result of alcoholism, single parenting, poverty in Tunchel. Therefore, we focus to sit up workshops or seminars for local to invite a  specialist outside for good changes.

garbage management

Tunchel located between a mountain & riversides. There is no official garbage collecting system in a village. Garbage burned or delivered to  mountain in Tunchel 10kms a way from town. Garbage management or delivery system is necessary to introduced to village to educate a youth and save a nature.

Forest Managment

All most 60% of the area of Tunchel surrounded by forest. There are about 9 wood preparing companies taking down 200 cubic meters of wood every year. Most wood delivered to market in Ulaanbaatar for a production. Save a forest for future, planting a trees or forest cleaning & making sign biggest investment for a future generation.

Update a Public Areas

Only five minute walk from a train station there is car free commercial square where there is 10000 square meters of square with old water foundation, play grounds is missing of take care or proper use of square for a public. NGO located in that square, is willing to cooperate with any volunteers or foundation to update or use of square for better way for public together with a local governor’s permission. Also, near a bridge on Kharaa river, there is beach where children of Tunchel take a walk or swim also looking for a bunch, garbage bin and playground for locals to enjoy.

Production of pine nuts

There are about dozens of Russian big army truck in Tunchel travel deep into a forest with a locals to collect a pine nuts and sale nuts to Chinese business people for a medical use. Pipe nut contains some very important elements against  aging, brain and more. Our dream to make beauty or other related product in Tunchel by use of those nuts to provide more jobs & income to locals.