Generally  in Mongolia, there is not enough official budget either people in Mongolia in the field of countryside in Mongolia. We encourage  you and youth to bring their hand to learn of joy of sharing your time & ability to a needy places. We are team of people who like to be a bridge to connect you officially  to be a volunteers for short and long term.

Support Nomads

Mongolia is only last land where nomads breed their lifestock ( sheep, goat, horse, camel, cow ) in a open big land in a  traditional way like a thousand of years ago. Every nomads try best to make every head to survive its hard winter can reach 30’s Celsius. Because of globalization young generation is more and more moving into a city and often nomads missed a hand to help them for breeding a life stocks.


Teach english

Public school has a 12 study year. Any native English speaking person or teacher who has degree very welcome to teach at Public schools from 5-12 th grade from a September to May. We encourage volunteers follow a English study books or least consulate with a public school administration.

Minimum days:
Participition fee: ...$ a day for food of accommodation


Clean up public area or environment.

Any visitor is welcome to participate to collect a garbage in a village or riverbanks for 2-3 hours a day.


Fix public area

. Since soviet union break down, small remote place like Tunchel is forgotten to update its public areas. Children’s play ground, street are need some fixing and updating if a volunteers who can work with hands.


Plant a trees

Any time between 25th april to 10 May or 25th Sep to 5Oct, it is time to plant a trees according to Mongolia climate to make a trees to survive. Each year, in public or private area with a fences, we welcome volenteers to join on planting a trees.


volunteering in logistic of ngo

Our team work hard to manage a logistics & participation of volunteers in our location in Tunchel. Welcome to be a volunteering if you are interested to cook, bring a water, remove a plants8 work on land or ground etc.



Any other good volunteering option if you can offer to locals or public in Tunchel we are open to accept.


Volunteers are not paid - not because because they are not
worthless but because they are priceless.